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I have spent over 25 years in healthcare and have dedicated my life to helping seniors and their families. Tired of seeing unethical practices and misinformation in the senior living industry led me to start my own business. I am your biggest supporter and want you to utilize these tools I will provide to achieve the best outcomes for your family.
Not only an advocate
  • Seasoned public speaker
  • ​Assisted living teams trainer
  • ​Keynote speaker
  • ​Featured in news segments and educational literature
My clients always tell me trying to understand the process of aging parents/loved ones is BY FAR the hardest challenge in life they have faced. The amount of outdated or biased information that currently exists make this process virtually impossible to do on your own. 

My testimonials speak for themselves! 

You need an 
advocate in your corner!

Despite the best intentions many of us have, trying to decipher options for your loved one is extremely overwhelming. You need unbiased assistance to make the best choices for your unique situation. Trying to juggle all of the information on your own is a full time job and not a guarantee that to be a perfect fit. The absolute worst scenario is to make decisions due to lack of planning or being led astray only to have to make harder decisions as a result. 

I am dedicated to helping you determine the best possible outcomes! 


  • You are in the beginning stages of understanding the disease processes and changes occurring within your loved one.
  • You are a caregiver and struggling with managing your loved ones decline.
  • You are overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, frustration, anger, sadness and resentment.
  • You have no idea where to start to seek out extra assistance for your love one.
  • You aren’t familiar with the different types of care available and how to pay for it all.
  • You don’t know how to handle moving your loved one into a senior community.

Navigating the Next Chapter

This program is a must have for anyone that has an aging loved one or will at some point. The amount of information currently available is guaranteed to make this journey even more confusing and stressful. There are far too many options to choose from and can often times leave families feeling as if they made poor decisions through no fault of their own. 

I will simplify this process for you and share the key components you really need to know about:
  • Seasoned public speaker
  • ​Assisted living teams trainer
  • ​Keynote speaker
  • ​Featured in news segments and educational literature
You will be armed with the information you actually need to know to proceed forward confidently. 
None’s journey is alike, and having the knowledge ahead of time puts you at a major advantage.



The key components:

Everyone has a unique situation
None should be treated as a one size fits all option. What may be a great solution for your neighbor or co-worker may not be the best option for your family.
Finding the ideal scenario
Identifying how to find the ideal scenario will be the most crucial part to creating a well thought out plan that you and your loved one are happy with! 


This program will walk you through each stage, even the ones you didn’t know that you need to prepare for!

We will begin with seniors and aging in general as well as identifying cognitive declines. We will explore legal documents that are needed, and discuss family dynamics and situations. Dealing with caregiver emotions is an overlooked, but necessary topic that will be covered. We will do a deep dive into payor sources and who pays for what and how to prepare financially. There are detailed sections on choosing senior living options and what happens after the move. Ancillary services are also addressed and much much more! You will be amazed at the amount of information there is to be learned and all in one spot!

Plus These Free bonuses

  • BONUS 1: Veterans Benefits
  • BONUS 2: Dementia Behaviors and Wandering
  • BONUS 3: Caregiver self assessment handout
  • BONUS 4: Senior resource list
  • BONUS 5: 5 types of dementia handout
  • BONUS 6: Skilled Home Health VS Private Duty Home Health
  • BONUS 7: Private Facebook Group

This Is Everything You Get When You Enroll!

  • Navigating the next Chapter Lessons
  • ​Veterans Benefits
  • Medicare/Medicaid information 
  • Home health and therapy differences
  • ​Navigating a hospital stay
  • Caregiver burnout self assessment
  • ​Information on regulations
  • ​Best practices when searching for senior living
  • ​Senior living resources
  • ​Access to a private FB group as a support system
  • ​And more!!!

Usually $297

for a limited time: $97

I guarantee that you will be astonished with the information that is available, but not necessarily easy to find. There are even many professionals in the medical community that struggle to keep up with the ever changing regulations. Completing this program will give you the tools and the confidence to make your decisons so much easier, even if you have to make them quickly. You can feel empowered that you have the correct information to face these challenges head on, and not have to rely on others for guidance. 

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